Dare to be different

Dare to be different

This two level home was designed as a self sufficient holiday home for a Danish family who are committed to preserving large tracts of land around the world. The house is in an isolated area without sewerage, water or power supply. This was overcome by a custom designed solar power system which powers the whole house. A septic system has been developed to enable treatment of waste on site. The sole water supply is provided by 2 tanks providing 15,000 litres. To ensure the most effective use of the water dual flush toilets and water saving shower heads have been installed.

The house is orientated on the block to take advantage of the breezes as they flow up the valley. The orientation was important as the family needed to minimise their exposure to our harsh summer temperatures without the unnecessary expense of air conditioning.

The uniqueness of the curved roof structure, which did not require internal support meant the internal walls did not have to be full height. The inclusion of full height louvres at each end of the house and ceiling fans encourages air flow, effectively pushing the hot air out, eliminating pockets of trapped hot air.

The house is deceptively compact, easily accommodating its 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. As it is a holiday home the client required extra storage to be incorporated. Kaha Homes cleverly built storage into the utility rooms providing stylish and functional use of the space.

The entire home is clad in Colorbond steel for its maintenance free qualities. It also offers superior fire resistance.