Frequently Asked Questions

If we have our own plans are you able to price them for us?

Yes, we are happy to look at and price your own plans and can offer suggestions about improvements or how to save money if required.

Do you make copies of your plans available?

No, as we design each home specifically for each block and we never repeat a design we do not have a set of standard plans that can be modified to suit your block, and we do not make copies of plans available. We are happy to integrate features from our homes that you like and can design in a similar style but will never repeat a previous home.

How much do your houses cost?

We never divulge how much our houses cost and because we never repeat a design we can’t tell you what a “standard” house will cost as our houses are all so different. We are happy to provide rough price guides once we’ve spoken to you and have an idea of what house you are looking for.

Where do you build?

We build in and around 50km of Brisbane.

I have a really tight budget, are you able to help me?

Of course. All of our clients are building to a budget and our collaborative design and build process ensures that you are kept fully informed at all times about the costs of your home so you don’t get any nasty surprises. Kaha Homes will give you an honest upfront cost to build your home with no hidden costs. You have a fixed price contract which means that the price to build your home does not change unless you add something else in.

How long does it take to do a design?

As we never rush you to make a decision the design takes as long as you need it to take, however typically it will take 6-8 months from the initial Concept plan to full Working Drawings.

How long does it take to build one of your houses?

As we have designed the home we know it inside and out so the construction time is reduced as a result. Additionally the use of lightweight materials cuts down the build time so you can be in a 2 storey home in as little as 25 weeks.

Can I design with you and not build with you?

Yes, you can. We have separate design and construction processes so you can design with us and not build with us, although most people do.

When should we start talking to you?

We prefer that people start talking to us before they’ve bought their block of land. That way we can advise of any potential problems up front before you commit to a big purchase and then find out later on that it will be too expensive to build on. This is particularly true for rural blocks which may have significant cost impacts as a result of regulations such as Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) regulations and Koala Habitat restrictions. In addition to this the extra costs of electricity connection, water storage and effluent system requirements frequently surprise purchasers of rural blocks. It’s better to know what you’re up for before you buy the block.

Do you build on rural blocks?

Yes, we are very experienced in designing and building for rural blocks and are aware of current regulations with regards to BAL and other overlays.

Do you do renovations?

Yes, we do